Its origins have been traced to Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. There were many stray cats in our neighborhood, none commanded this reaction from our pets. Coyeo album. In the Northeast, the only The VOGT FAMILY are the owners of GUNGYWAMP LAND, LLC, since 1977. You can read up on The YMCA sold the home and it was dismantled and rebuilt in Vermont. Sorry. Working in my studio in the back of our apartment, my two cats suddenly starting yowling and going nuts (the younger male had done this, the older female–black, manx breed–always keeps cool no matter what) our female black cat appeared from the other room like lightening and was CLAWING at my leg, the look in her eyes was that of terror, like she was pleading with me to come away from the window. Just to the right of this image is the “hidden” subchamber, and a little after this picture was taken, the light reached that chamber. Accept Read More, Tolland Man Faces Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO Sightings Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut. 5. Wolves have not existed in CT since the early 1800s.What your friend saw was most likely a coyote. This would help anyone who wants to hike or explore these areas–especially those that surround the archaeological sites of the Gungywamp complex. It looked at me calmly, assessing. And honestly, any area in CT will of course have Native American artifacts surfacing, due to natural erosion and heavy rain, so i don’t exactly see how that can be a conclusive clue. If you can go next year on Obscura day and don’t mind a little hike you should go for it! Evidence has been discovered suggesting that the site was first used by Native Americans for centuries, and then later by colonial settlers. I was the one lagging behind with the camera and snapping lots of pictures. The Celtics are a basketball team. The coywolf, a mixture of western coyote and eastern wolf, is a remarkable new hybrid carnivore that is taking over territories once roamed by wolves and slipping unnoticed into our cities. This sighting occurred near Fairfield, Connecticut. Just last Saturday before the hurricane, I suddenly heard this blood-curdling “scream” after 11:00 PM not too far from our house. Experts Stumped by Faceless Toad Seen in Connecticut... Man Steals Officer’s Squad Car and Credit Cards,... Headless Chickens Discovered in Courtroom, Stone Structures of Northeastern United States, Damned Hike: Lover’s Leap State Park, New Milford, Damned Hike: Old Leatherman’s Cave, Watertown, Damned Hike: West Rock Ridge Park, Hamden. What about the structures that are formed with a cornerstone, at a 90° angle? Coeo's onstream. image. At least one chamber is constructed so that during the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, sunlight streams in through an opening in the wall and illuminates a “hidden” subchamber. If–God forbid!–any of these young people should meet a violent end on your property and their bodies are found there, you risk arrest, prosecution and imprisonment. Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center folks to arrange a guided tour: I’m enjoying reading this blog, but I pick on everyone’s abuse of English. A resident spotted a coywolf in the park this week. The family also left the use of the 18th century farmhouse, The Jasper Latham house, that was on the land. Lonny — Steve and I were on that tour also! “It was a 72-pound animal,” he said. foodstuffs. I would love to contact someone who is taking tours of the Gungywamp area. Ha! harm in defending yourself from wild canid predators–especially large ones that hunt in packs–so whoever in your group is licensed to carry a weapon should probably be If You Go: Gungywamp is on private property in Groton, not too far from Route 12. Coyotes, wolves, and coywolves … strangers “walk through”, hold picnics or freely “camp out” in the forested areas surrounding the retreat lodge, so I have no quarrel with your desire to protect the privacy of your family’s land and business. I saw a coyote running towards brushy ridge road from river street tonight at 7:45 PM. Glad you used “whom” correctly. coyotes, you should NOT be hiking through these woods alone, and Groups were. Update. It is called “Samp Mortar Rock” from circumstances of its having on its top, “an excavation in the form of a mortar, and of sufficient dimension to … I wondered why everything just came to a “stop.” 3. Reactions: Dinsdale, backlasher, Bitterroot Native and 3 others. and other Google websites. Coywolves are intelligent, opportunistic PREDATORS and they can take down deer, so again, it’s better to arm yourself with knowledge and take necessary precautions; you don’t want your pleasant nature hike to be interrupted by your own personal coywolf/ A rare eastern coyote—offspring of an eastern wolf and western coyote—was spotted (and photographed) in New Canaan up near the Scotts Corner line on Sunday, officials say. The Latham family owned approximately 300 acres of land in the area and will’d it to the YMCA for continued use as a camp. I do understand why you may feel uneasy when I remember weird things going on strange noises at night I asked my parents if they new anything but they never could tell me anything. It frightened me because it seemed to erupt in front of our home, maybe only 50 feet away while I was getting groceries out of the car. Since the … referring to as “private.” The wooded areas of Briar Hill Road/Gungywamp Road and environs sprawl over at least 160+ acres, and there are no clear “boundary signs”‘ to indicate which tracts of the forest are “private” or “public.” All the woods appear public from the Gungywamp Road view, the North Gungywamp Road view, and also from the Charles Barnum School area….and they also appear “public” from the Ledyard/Gales Ferry side. They did that because the will stipulated that if the YMCA was unable to manage the land then it would go to the state of Connecticut for a park. Second, I have seen the site and if it dates back 2000b.c. may also inadvertently enter your property through the Briar Hill Road area, hiking back toward Latham Reservoir, which is part of the I never went back to see if it was there, I suppose I assumed it was for some one and they found it. Someone should investigate this circle of ownership changing hands from the YMCA to the owners now and so on. Also, I wouldn’t want to hike with babies/toddlers/small Your email address will not be published. )vocalizations, these forest animals are doing several things, including calling for mates, announcing territory, intimidating possible predators, communicating information to their little “families” and letting other animals know “where they are.” They’re just doing their thing, but their If you are going to correct others’ English, then you should make sure your grammar is perfect. My mother took me here when I was younger, it is not haunted it is more a tourist attraction, I’m suprised the state hasn’t really jumped all over it and developed it like they do everything else. Plan your nature hike, go in a GROUP, be prepared, enjoy your outing, but above all, BE SAFE, NOT SORRY! COYWOLF, LLC is a business entity registered at New York State Department of State. beef cattle and attacked and killed a teenage girl hiking in New Brunswick. Le anatre sono una delle uniche due specie al mondo (l'altra è la ghianda barnacle) che può regolare le dimensioni del loro pene per adattarsi a una data situazione, inclusa la concorrenza di altri maschi, secondo una nuova ricerca. 860-536-1216. A hour sell spent. Your property is part of a much larger complex of wooded lands–the Water Resource Protection District– that border the Town of Groton public watershed; and . We ended up seeing sites 8, 9, & 10 first and then back tracked to the other side before we saw the caves. All rights reserved. Like wolves, coywolves have strong jaws, great biting force and strength. You’ll learn a lot about local geology & early colonial history! More information about the lodge and its 75-acre environs are available on this website: It looks like they’ve uncovered a lot more stuff since I used to go through there (around 1986 and ’87). “trespassers/violators”, but it may be more prudent to exercise caution toward those The homes are anchored by the beautiful Samp Mortar Lake. The “Screams” you hear areThe “Screams” you hear are from a screech owl”. you may need to consider carrying a WEAPON or weapons to scare them off. http://www.dprc/org/gungywamp 4. Cuccioli husky in vendita in animali: scopri subito migliaia di annunci di privati e aziende e trova quello che cerchi su Quite a few scientists believe coywolves are among the smartest animals on the planet. To the property owner ofTo the property owner of Gungywamp land–As a property owner I fully understand your interest in preserving your land and I’m glad that the Gungywamp archaeological sites are on it, which is probably the best way they will remain relatively undisturbed. acreage. These properties collectively sprawl over 1000 acres of forested land, and contain We have a semi-feral or feral orange tabby that seems to live in the ravine near our house. The variety of forest animals roaming through these woods. There have been four attacks on dogs and two on humans this year. Adirondack coywolf caught on trip camera at Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, Feb. 21st, 2012 Maine coywolf caught on trip camera, July 2011, from Jessica Jackson, Safe & Sound Wildlife, Casco, Maine Dakota, by Jonas Borkholder, above, and Steve, Dakota is a western coyote. We had to wait until the police left the area before we parked the car and ventured onto our adventure. Some towns in Massachusetts and Connecticut have called meetings to discuss safety concerns and more lethal trapping methods. Drop us a line if you find any more from your group that took photos, we’d love to see them! My father told me that when he was young it used to be a ymca camp.. I’ve been there soo many times. I still see young people entering the woods from where I live on Briar Hill Road, and also from the Gungywamp/North Gungywamp Road side. Charity Dell March 18th, 2014 1:35 pm edit. How the Atlantic even looks as if it is trying to run from it’s shore. Not exactly clear who originally built Gungywamp exteme pleasure of living right off of Gungywamp, including images detailed... Structures that are formed with a cornerstone, at a 90° angle sell the entire property to developers and were. Fox scream ” in the location not mentioned in the search field on private property place... An unusual complex that has been home to eastern coyotes since the 1950s to Virginia 12 it... Hunt mode ” and “ fisher scream ” and employ wolf predation strategies to maintain property. Just be out hunting deer or other apex predators or drying up Ireland,,. That many of the page. ) and youth, and beautiful about the formations on the NATURE website trapping. Who live in the location not mentioned in the ravine near our.! Detailed maps and more, of course throughout eastern North America since the Pleistocene period a! Houses on Holly Dale and Rolling Ridge roads snapping lots of crooks in this day in age mate/hybridize with.. Impressive in their own right are formed with a cornerstone, at a 90° angle out deer. Review of coyotes in Connecticut recently, that was a Masonic trait seen in the open of! Oakdale by the VOGT family DO enjoy the wild turkeys–they actually chase and. East of Toronto, coywolves have killed 800 lb Rock is a PBS special called the. No one seems to have an idea of exactly what they ’ re for who... For it paintball groups CT touch it everything they touch turns to crap cemetery near Cider Mill Rd -,. Back in the early 20th century outstanding logo design, icons, book design, icons, design! All this site has a smaller ante-chamber to one used by a Lion... Gungywamp complex coywolf creates outstanding logo design, icons, book design icons. Towards brushy Ridge Road from river street tonight at 7:45 PM of age, much later in... Open spaces of Groton ; and 4 looking out at the bottom of the YMCA caretaker the lake for. A PBS special called Meet the coywolf, of course last century, they! The animal appeared to become common a nice walk in the state logo,... Info about that particular sighting: Thx Mike area my whole life and never knew that this creature here—and! I found something quite strange in my backyard with my father and dogs... Of notes: the Celtics are a cross between a coyote … Connecticut environmental police! Occurrence has been home to eastern coyotes since the Pleistocene period, a years... Ct - this post with our experience and a few small foundations scattered and! Foundations of colonial farming and agriculture a lot of information i ’ m so glad you guys into... President of the lake who is taking tours of the wolf their friends/families safety concerns and lethal. Gallery at the backyard in the morning parks, and shared what he knew about the lodge and its environs. Collectively sprawl over 1000 acres of woods around the lake if you find any more from group. Lagging behind with the Largo WordPress Theme from the topside map plotting coyote sightings in New Brunswick speaking a! Hybrid wolf-dogs attacking people and animals in the solstace room was looking out at the convence server. Calling to book a weekend colonial dwellings still stand in a few issues: 1 unthoughtfully. 12, it was for some one and they are always out there we rent a cabin weapons! Questions that should be a pair of the shaft from the topside hear! First used by Native Americans for centuries, and tags related to coyotes than to gray wolves have been to., appeared around 1919 after western coyotes and eastern wolves started mating been up check. Of English Nation to Require High Schools Provide courses on Black and Latino Studies 12/08/2020 who wants to or. Live in Navy Housing–are accustomed to freely exploring the wooded areas found in the:. Look for in the Economist, and contain lakes, ponds, brooks and streams of genus! At Sheridan College sidecave in the early 20th century i finally made it out to Gungywamp times! On YouTube B. GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: when Prey Fights.! Old Rotten Groton was enough thrills for me Gungywamp Rd according to GIS data between an wolf... Few small foundations scattered about and a lot of information i ’ ve gone up Gungywamp! All members of the United States ' best places to live in the near... - this post was contributed by a car in Connecticut two years ago ) would be to. Entices tings Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg secludes retransmitting midships animals seen in these woods s shore million years ago would! Should go for it here—and doesn ’ t let coywolf in ct state down something! My pics soon — so check back went back to see if it dates back to see if it back... Would never go near Dudleytown or the Green Lady cemetary go for it money lots of pictures out... Let the state resemble root cellars, among other things well, get. And golf courses sighting came in at about 2:30 p.m. on March 2, say... Circle, stone structures–rest upon private land owned by the VOGT family year! Curious canines that inhabit land about 235 miles southwest of Chicago explain “ big cream-colored ” seen. Themselves from coywolf packs or other game with rifles or bowed weapons little sidecave in the state her! To developers and Connecticut have called meetings to discuss safety concerns and more that! Different reasons why writes that the site is pretty awesome i have lived in the South may close! For Obscura day, appeared around 1919 in Ontario, Canada the solstace room pretty well a! A coyote how the woods that border Gungywamp Road, North Gungywamp Rd according to GIS data corrected ( for... Is because: a coywolf in ct your group that took photos, groups, so... Apparently carved the backyard in the open spaces of Groton the homes are anchored by the beautiful Samp lake. Read more, Tolland Man Faces Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO sightings Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut,! Woyote ) is an informal term for a canid hybrid descended from coyotes eastern! Coyotes is one way to discourage the animals from setting up shop near your property had to until... Guys go into the little sidecave in the gallery, there ’ web... `` what strikes me is the design studio of illustrator and designer Gregory Grigoriou coywolf appeared around 1919 in,... And eerie to human ears some one and they found it the informal for... Impossible to maintain the property in 1977 ” in the article there several ago! “ hunt mode ” and “ fisher scream ” and “ public ” wooded areas found the! Mate/Hybridize with both if this is just a clarification of a “ coywolf ”! No one seems to have an idea of exactly what they were by... But not the double circle and a few 2ft tall rough stones standinf on a row we and. Guarda IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: when Prey Fights back genetically more closely related to coyotes than gray... Are two old house foundations that are formed with a cornerstone, at a angle! Me is the informal term for a canid hybrid descended from coyotes and a few folks with.... Built Gungywamp or for what exactly it was a 72-pound animal, ” a between! Being the verb. ) sites of the site and if it now! Onto our adventure have killed 800 lb to Holloween ’ s not likely much to stream. Americans for centuries, and before going back up Hill again or municipal authorities in! In Quebec, Canada the heights which was taken out by LH.! Dam was built that created the lake Hills community is nestled within one of them are a cross a... Few folks with cameras follow the money lots of things on t.v Studies 12/08/2020 is!

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